The Thirteen Mo…

The Thirteen Moon calendar is an evolutionary tool to assist humanity in the unprecedented act of uniting itself on one issue central to its complete well-being: time. The harmonic convergence of humanity on this one issue, combined with the inescapable order, perfection and simplicity of following the 13 Moon calendar will lift the species as a simultaneous whole into the galactic timing frequency of 13:20.

José Argüelles/Valum Votan, The Call of Pacal Votan

Us as humans are so proud of our accomplishments, technology, cultural inheritance. We have visited the moon and sent machines to the most amazing places like mars and other planets, but we still have the most outdated things of all: The gregorian calendar.

It is inexact and it reflects the ego of the man, wanting to be immortal by programming control into our lives.

It is time to improve our lives and connect with earth. It is time to recognize that we need from her in order to survive and that we are not taking care of our world. This would be an important first step to accomplish that. Visit for more information about the Mayan Calendar and the Mayan knowledge.

In Lakesh ( in Maya means “I am another yourself”)

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