Kin 156 Yellow Cosmic Warrior

Today´s kin is number 156: Yello Cosmic Warrrior.  This is its affirmation:

I Endure in order to Question
I Transcend Fearlessness
I seal the output of intelligence
With the Cosmic tone of Presence
I am guided by the power of Universal Fire

As some of you may know the Tzolkin is the Count of  Days (one of many cycles of time) that the Mayans use as a Sacred Calendar. It is composed of 13 tones and 20 solar seals. Each combination repeats every 260 days.

Today´s tone and solar seal are:

Tone: #13–> Cosmic

Transcend * Presence * Endure

Solar Seal: #16–> Yellow Warrior

Question * Fearlessness * Intelligence

These are the energies of the day. Something that you can meditate upon and draw the energies to apply for your daily life.

Being a music lover, and as a way to understand the kin of the day (which can represent a day or a person) I always check the Galactic Birthdays of the musicians, artists, painters, etc., their lifes and work life. It always amazes me how accurate the Tzolkin is.

Today is the Galactic Birthday of Barbra Streisand (Born 04/24/1942 in the Gregorian Calendar)


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